Terms and Conditions

Deposit and Balance

A deposit of 50% of the purchase price is required prior to the commencement of any tombstone installation and the balance to be paid 7 days prior to the installation thereof.

Lead Time

Please allow 5 - 6 weeks for completion.

Granite Material

Granite is a natural material therefore some granite colours will vary compared to what you saw in the showroom or on a photo; we ask that you please keep this in mind.


We install nationwide. If the cemetery is within Gauteng, installation is free of charge. For all cemeteries outside Gauteng area, delivery will be charged at R10 per km (one way).


We have a 10-year guarantee on our concrete foundation where full body tombstones and headstones are erected. Reason being the brick- and normal foundation prevent the stone from sinking as we do not have any information of what goes on below the ground.
For the concrete foundation, steel bars are used to keep the ground level at all times preventing the stone from sinking with the sand. Another set of steel bars with gripping glue is used to keep the stones together when assembled to prevent the stone from separating/falling down or any environmental hazards.

Wording and Engraving

Our prices include all wording and engraving on tombstones. Please send the correct and precise information via WhatsApp or email to the relevant consultant. If you have any special requests wrt text, spacing between wording, font type and size etc please inform us in written form before the process starts.
Mistakes made by Authentic Stone will be charged for our account and mistakes made by the client will be charged accordingly to the client's account.

Photo Engraving

Photo engraving is charged at an extra cost. If a client uses our photo engraving service, we ask permission to utilize a photo of the tombstone for our Website, Facebook and other social media platforms.
There are two types of photo engraving; first option is a machine that engraves the photo on the granite. For this method an original photo is needed for the engraving to look exactly like the deceased. The photo you provide must be 300 megapixels of resolution and the size of the deceased’s head on the photo must be 4 cm. If your photo does not have the above requirements Authentic Stone cannot guarantee the quality of the engraving. Please note it will not look like artwork, this will be the second option for engraving. The second option of photo engraving is done by an artist. Therefore, the engraving will come out as artwork. Authentic Stone uses the best artist in South Africa that provides us with the best quality. For this method the artist will also need an original or good quality photo of the deceased.

Marketing Purposes

We kindly ask that you notify us if you do not want the photos of the tombstone you purchase to be used for marketing purposes.
Thank you for considering Authentic Stone we appreciate your business.